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Kristin’s Story-
Kristin was diagnosed with medduloblastoma (brain cancer) at the young age of two and a half. She dealt with more pain and suffering than many adults will endure in their entire life. Kristin overcame every obstacle in her path and every problem that came her way with a smile on her face and love pouring from her heart.
Kristin began to grow, getting bigger and bigger each day. She was so smart, well beyond her age. As she turned two, we could see her character developing right in front of our eyes. She was always going out of her way to do things for other people, thinking of everyone else before herself. She was absolutely the most precious child I have ever seen. Inside and out, she surpassed all I knew. She was perfect in every way, shape, and form.
Kristin was cancer free for five years, giving her the ability to have some sort of a normal life. In July of 2009 her cancer returned, stronger and bigger than the first. Kristin never shed a tear or wore a frown on her face. Making sure she was strong enough to carry the burden for all of those around her. She took care of us all, every single time she got the chance. Kristin had a disease that tried to change who she was and what she was about. That never happened! It only made her stronger and those around her see, what an amazing young lady she was. She was truly an angel, and I live every day inspired by her and trying to emulate all she has done. Every person Kristin met she touched in some form or fashion. Even if you only spoke to her for a couple of minutes, she would have made a lasting impression on your life. Kristin was the most amazing person I knew.
This is our daughter, and she gave her life to save ours. Everyone has a defining moment in their life at some point in time. Mine was watching Kristin as she took her last breath. I promised Kristin that I would live every day as she did, to do my very best, and to make her as proud of me as I was of her. I know I will never be able to even come close, but Kristin never gave up. How in the world could I? Sweetie, you will always be my baby, my angel, and my hero!








About the Book-
This is an inspiring story about the life of Kristin Michelle Beaucher, how she touched thousands of lives, all of the pain and suffering she overcame, and how her faith in God only grew stronger. Losing her battle with cancer at the early age of nine never changed the person she was or made her lose sight of what she wanted to accomplish. Kristin was truly an angel, a gift from God himself, who changed the lives of everyone she met, sometimes without even saying a word. She gave when she had nothing left to give, and her legacy lives on through each and every one of us who had the honor of knowing her.
“I have cancer so that I can be the one to prove to everybody that God can create miracles.”
All of the proceeds from her book and donations to  Kristin’s “Never Give Up” Fund, will be put towards starting the retreat for cancer children that Kristin wanted to do before she past, helping out those families in need while their child is going through treatment, and providing gifts to those children during holidays whose families can not afford it.  All of these are things that Kristin started doing while she was here. We will strive every single day to keep her memory alive and the good deeds she was about going strong. If you feel led to help, you can contact us at If you have any questions regarding her book please contact us at Thank you so much for all of your love, prayers, and support. Love Always, and God Bless!
Chris, Heather, and Kristin Beaucher

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